With more people being overweight and obese than ever, people are now more health-conscious than ever before. COVID-19 has also contributed to overweight and obesity. People worldwide have been forced to stay inside most of the time for months. Being indoors most of the time, they are eating more and moving around less, a proven formula for obesity and other health issues!!!


This is a global trend, not just a national trend. In many countries especially since COVID-19, many people don’t want to use public transportation. Bicycles are becoming a popular way to travel. They are popular everywhere but more so in European countries.




People want to exercise more and people like convenience. Folding bikes are convenient because they are compact. Since these bikes fold and are compact you can carry them anywhere. This gives you a better opportunity to exercise.


You can easily transport them on public transportation, upstairs, in your trunk, or even take them to work or school. If you take them to work or school you can exercise on your break or at the end of your day before you go home. They are also easy to store because they take up very little storage space.


Most are equipped with puncture-resistant tires. The standard folding bike has 20-inch tires. You can get different size tires depending on the terrain the bike will be used for.




The folding bikes have several classifications. Conventional and electric are one form of classification. Conventional is the standard foldable bicycles and electric are their bikes have the added convenience of motor assistance.


Other classifications are online and offline; into sports, fitness, and commercial; and classified into 20 inches, 24 inches, 26 inches, and others. Based on Country-level, the market of folding bikes is divided into different countries, also.




When folding bikes were 1st built, they were only for use by the military. They are very versatile but have been overlooked for years as an option for most cyclists, until the last few years.


The better the quality of the folding bikes, the easier they are to fold and the lighter they are. The advantage standard weight is 15 to 27 pounds. The brand name is a big matter when shopping for a folding bike because many companies stand on their reputation. Check product reviews, specs, and features when shopping for a bolding bike.


Assembling of the bike and travel have declined since COVID-19 but online sales have increased. Advance technology with folding bikes is expected to increase the opportunity for growth. A folding bike is a bundle of fun packed into a small package.