When it comes to deciding to pay for Netflix or one of the other popular streaming services, you may not be sure which one to choose.


What is Netflix like compared to other streaming services? Is it better? Worse? Or just about the same?


Netflix is the most popular service — While popularity does not mean everything, when there are millions more people paying for Netflix every month than any other streaming service, you can guarantee it is probably for a good reason.


In fact, there are so many good reasons Netflix is the most popular streaming service, it is rare for people to choose another service over it.


Your viewing is not region locked — One of the reasons why people love Netflix is because their viewing is not region locked.


This means, if they have an account in the United States, they can still watch all their favorite shows and movies even if they travel overseas.


With streaming services like Hulu and YouTube TV, however, the service is not available outside the U.S. at all, or many of your shows will be region locked.


Speed — People tend to love Netflix above everything else as the speed of the streaming service is so good.


With other services like Hulu and Philo, the stream can get hung up and have to buffer. When it does, you are wasting time you could be spending watching your favorite shows.


No contract — Netflix is one of the few streaming services that does not require an annual contract.


This means you can cancel it at any time and pick it up again at any time. Thus, allowing you to save money during months where you will not have the time to watch your favorite Netflix shows.


Anyone can watch it — Netflix is also excellent as anyone in your family can watch it on up to three devices at once.


Other streaming services charge you per device, so the cost of the service can be expensive.


Rates are cheap — Netflix is also one of the cheapest streaming services. Especially when you factor in you can watch unlimited amounts of all your shows and movies for the entire month, without being cut off or having your streaming be slowed down.


When you look at Hulu at $40 a month, and Netflix at only $11 a month if you want access to HD and more than one screen, there is no comparison. Netflix is a much better value. Especially when you see the tens of thousands of TV shows and movies you can watch, compared to the much lower number on other streaming services.


A free month — Unlike most other streaming services, Netflix also offers a free month of viewing to new customers. That gives you a month to use the service, and to decide if it is something you are likely to use.


If not, you can cancel it at the end of the month and not have spent a cent. You can grab more information here: comment avoir netflix gratuit.


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