Instagram is a social media application that enables you to take pictures and share them with your followers. It also enables you to follow people and communicate with them privately through the app itself. Many users want to know if they can have additional privacy by having two Instagram profiles, one for friends and another for their public life.


Public profile: this is used to share your pictures and interact with any other user. This is the profile you make when you initially set up your Instagram account.


Private profiles: this can be understood as an additional profile where anyone cannot send you pictures or comments unless you approve them first. Not everyone can follow you on private accounts, while it is so by default on public accounts.


Private profiles are created when you register for Instagram initially. This is the option you choose while creating your account, whether to make it a private or public profile. If at any point in time you want to convert an existing public account into a private one, click on settings and select ‘Close Account.’ Then, you can open the account again anytime you wish.


Instagram does not support multiple accounts at this time. This is a known issue, which they are working on it and might be released in future updates from them.

So if you do have an Instagram account that people can also see your photos, then your profile is by default a public one. If you want additional privacy, you can turn it into a private profile.


When using Instagram in public is not necessary to mention that your profile is a public one since this will be the case by default. However, if you want additional privacy for any reason, then you can click on settings and then change your profile from public to private.


So, there are two ways to access your account. One is by logging in to Instagram with the email address you registered with and simply following the screen steps. The second way is through a phone number; this method will verify your phone number before allowing you to use it for login purposes. You can also choose not to log in if you would like to access your Instagram without being seen.


Is there a difference between public and private Instagram profiles?


Actually, yes. A big difference.


If you have a public profile, anyone anywhere can view your photos without being approved by you. Generally speaking, a public profile is perfect if you want to share copyrighted images with the world for promotional reasons.


A private profile is a whole different thing. Only people you approve can view your photos and videos. Generally speaking, a private profile is perfect if you want to share protected content with your clients or customers.


In other words, anyone can view public Instagram profiles, but only pre-approved individuals can see the content on private Instagram profiles, with the exception of tools like instagram private account viewer.

How do you make your Instagram profile private?

To make your Instagram profile private, click on “Edit Profile” mode, then go to account> Privacy and change the privacy setting from “Public” to “Private.”


Alternatively, you can also go directly to this link:, then click on the red button that says “Private Account” at the bottom of your page.


Remember that when you make your Instagram profile private, only the approved individuals to who you give access will be able to see and like your photos and videos.

Note: friends, family, or anyone already following you will remain followers after changing the privacy setting from public to private.