Nexium And Prilosec Led To Kidney Disease

Some people that were given Nexium And Prilosec were afterward diagnosed with chronic kidney disease. If this affected you, you might be eligible for for compensation. The best way to handle this situation is to contact a law firm is knowledgable about the Nexium And Prilosec lawsuit so that they can help guide you in the right direction. The problem with these two drugs is that the people who created it did not release warnings to doctors that it could increase the chances of experiencing renal failure, stroke, and disastrous kidney damage. Therefore, the doctors did not know this was a problem and were prescribing it to patients; they even prescribed it to patients that were already at an increased risk of this medical issues which was dangerous to them. The patients were also unaware that the medication that they were taking could be dangerous so it was unfair to them, especially the ones who ultimately did develop kidney damage as they began taking Nexium And Prilosec.

Seek Legal Counsel

If you are one of the unfortunate people that were affected by these drugs, contact a lawyer immediately. It is especially important that you find one that is knowledge about the Nexium And Prilosec cases so that they are better able to help your case. Since Nexium And Prilosec were not recalled, many people think they will not be able to be successful if they bring a lawsuit forward. That is absolutely not the case and if your health was affected by one of these drugs you do have a right for treatment. You should not wait for a class action lawsuit because that will not be very beneficial for you. The best way to handle it is to approach a lawyer experienced in the Nexium And Prilosec cases and work them to seek an individual lawsuit. This will be get you a larger settlement that you can put toward your medical bills. If you are considering seeking legal counsel about this issue, move quickly. You want to do this while you still have access to all the information you need and if you wait too long, you might be granted any rights for recovery of this information.

First Step To Take

The first step that you need to take in order to fully appreciate the levity of this situation is to really understand what Nexium And Prilosec are, and what the lawsuits are about. Nexus is used to treat stomach problems, usually an excess of acid, and it is also used to treat GERD. Many people that experience heartburn are prescribed with Nexium or Prilosec so it was very dangerous for the manufacturers of these drugs to not release the possible side effects. If they had, then doctors would have been more careful about who they prescribed it to and they would have monitored their patients more carefully. Due to the incompetence of the manufacturer, many people’s lives have been negatively affected and they now have to struggle to live their life with chronic kidney and renal failure.

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